The party begins! Check out all the sparkly, spangly dresses at the People's Choice Awards.

The 2016 People’s Choice Awards show has officially kicked off.

Hitting the show’s red carpet are movie stars, musicians and straight-up ICONS, all looking sparkly, spangly, and just generally like superstars.

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And of course, in addition to their perfectly groomed red-carpet photos, there are the obligatory getting-ready pics on Instagram.

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Jane Lynch is hosting the show in Los Angeles which will honour fan-voted winners in loads of categories including Favourite TV Show, Favourite R ‘n’ B Artist, and Favourite Premium Cable TV Actress (specific!).

Lynch, who’s hosted the Emmy’s before, says the show taught her to relax not stress out too much.

“At the end of the show, [I thought], ‘You know, the show went really well, and I enjoyed it, and, I didn’t really need to worry as much as I did.’ So I’m trying to remember that,” she told Entertainment Weekly.

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