Jack Daly takes one thing about people and focuses his photographs on that alone.

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If someone asked you what you are passionate about, what would you say? Would you tell them what you think they want to hear – that your work or your family is your true passions – or would you dive a little bit deeper and tell them the truth?

Photographer/creative type/pizza lover/walking cliche Jack Daly did just that; he set out to find people’s passions and turned their loves into a photo series celebrating what makes them happy. There’s Jack’s brother, Rob, who can speak practically any language.

There’s Phoebe, a dancer who is truly passionate about the art of ballet.

And if I were asked? My passion is a little less tangible, a little more unrealistic – New York City.

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The idea for the project came across when Jack’s passion started taking over his life, in a good way.

“I was fascinated by this need to create things, and wondered what other people might feel so passionate about, hence this project, documenting what people dedicate their whole lives to,” Jack said.

Jack’s brother, Rob, is an academic that loves literature and can speak languages like no tomorrow. He could live anywhere and get away as being a local.

“The hardest part was finding the people, I was asking everyone, but they needed to have a true passion for what they did. So I tried to use people that have been doing whatever they do all their lives.”

He’s been a photographer since he can remember, but he was more interested in being creative rather than turning it into a career at that point.

“I’ve always been fascinated in the world around me, I daydreamed a lot (I still do) and I love to see the beauty in everything, it’s the simplest things that get most of my attention.”

Passionate in all areas of dance for a number of years, Phoebe is training hard to progress further into a future in dance.

Jack’s inspired by the creative world we live in – something that is obvious from his work. Capturing people’s passions and sharing them with the world brings with it a stark reminder to all the people out there lacking motivation and inspiration. If you can’t find what you’re truly passionate about, let this photo series help you. Or, in Jack’s words, “I think we should ditch all the proper jobs and everyone should just make stuff they love all the time.”

Click through the gallery below to view Jack’s People with Passions project. To view the full series, click here. You can find Jack’s website here.

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