Why do people love watching Laurina Fleure suffer?

She kept zen in a snake den, was covered in buffalo manure and ate buck’s lips and antelope eyes. But she draws the line at pig’s anus.

After last night’s episode of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Laurina Fleure is official a world record holder. The ex-Bachelor contestant completed her 11th Tucker Trial for the series, one more than previous record holder super-model Janice Dickinson.

In a plot twist, last night’s challenge didn’t involve eating bugs or internal organs. But it did involve danger, it was called Jungle Houdini.

Laurina was stuck in a wire cage, in a river… with crocodiles. Joy.

Laurina undertakes yet ANOTHER Tucker Trial challenge. Videa courtesy of Channel 10 (post continues after video):

Video via Network Ten

The cage contained eight locks, and for each lock Laurina managed to crack, she would receive a star. But of course, it wasn’t that easy. To open said locks, Laurina was given 12 keys and she needed to open each one as the water rose above her head.

She did an incredible to job, winning seven stars before bowing out and uttering those powerful words (‘I’m a celebrity’ you know the rest).

Laurina’s previous trials have seen her locked in what was essentially a giant coffin, and covered in several different types (and sizes) of snakes. She completed that challenge with all the serenity of a Buddhist monk. There was even chanting involved.

She had to find her way, in the dark through the ‘temple,’ collecting stars among the snakes, scorpions and (surprise, surprise) animal excrement.


Accompanied by show rival Jo Beth Taylor, Laurina ate (and gagged) her way through plates of antelope eyes and buffalo testicles. But she would not sacrifice her “dignity” for a pig’s anus. Girl’s got standards.

Laurina has been ferreting around in boxes of creepy crawlies, eating unthinkable things and testing her skill, strength and nerve from day dot. Love her or loathe her, it’s pretty bloody impressive.

laurina snakes
Cool as a cucumber (Image via Channel 10).

But one challenge Laurina isn’t sure she’s up for conquering is motherhood.

And on last night’s episode of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! She opened up to fellow contestant Val Lehman telling her she doesn’t know if she’s ‘cut out’ for being a parent.

“I’ve always said my whole life, that it feels like it’s a lifetime away. And I said that throughout my whole twenties and I thought maybe once I’d get to my thirties I would get clucky but it still feels a lifetime away,” Laurina told Val.

“Maybe another lifetime.”

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