After 7 years and 'having her soul crushed', Big Brother's Penny Higgs is pregnant.

This post deals with miscarriage and might be triggering for some readers. 

After documenting her IVF journey, Big Brother star Penny Higgs has announced she is pregnant with her first child in an emotional video. 

"I thought it would be different, I thought I'd have someone with me but it's okay. I'm doing this alone. I can't believe it," Higgs tearfully told viewers.

"After about seven years and having my soul crushed and never giving up, I'm having a baby," Higgs shared, clearly overwhelmed.

"I feel like it isn't real," the 36-year-old continued. "I'm so scared to say it and it makes it real but I'm actually having a baby... 

"My brain is struggling to believe that this is real. I'm looking at other people that are pregnant and I'm watching their journeys and I'm like, 'Oh, wow.' And then I'm like, 'Penny wake up, you stupid girl. It's actually happening to you this time.'"

Last December, Higgs shared that she has suffered from "unexplained infertility" in the past and has gone through two miscarriages. 

"I am choosing to do this alone because I can no longer wait till I meet the right person. Of course I wanted love, of course I want that and I deserve that - but a healthy type of love. If I wait until I meet the right person, I could miss out on my opportunity to be a mother," Higgs shared in a video about her fertility journey


The professional dancer said her fertility journey was the "toughest battle" she's been going through behind-the-scenes, but was committed to "never giving up". 

And now, after seven years, she is expecting her first child.

"My body is finally doing what it is meant to do," she said in her most recent video.

Higgs found a platform on Australia's Big Brother in 2014, and before that reached the top eight of So You Think You Can Dance in 2009.

You can watch Penny Higgs' announcement video here. 

If this has raised any issues for you or if you would like to speak with someone, please contact the Sands Australia 24-hour support line on 1300 072 637.

Feature image: Instagram/@dancinpenny.

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