NSFW: The hottest new fashion trend? Penises, apparently.

We’ve reached a new low in the fashion world.

Fashion rarely surprises us these days, given that weird shit like this is standard on the catwalk:

penises on the runway
Because FASHUN. Image via Getty.

But the latest trend to grace the runway has left us scratching our heads (and imaginary balls).

This man’s thumb looks exactly like a penis.

American designer Rick Owens decided to go out with a bang for his recent Paris runway show. And by bang, we mean he sent four of his male models down the catwalk with strategically placed peep holes in their garments. Said peep holes were places right over the models’ genital region.

Audience members got more than an eyeful when four guys walked past them, dicks literally swinging. Don’t believe us? Take a look, people (remember we did warn you):

penis fashion 2
The hole. Not so much glory. Image via Getty.

If that’s not close enough for you, feast your eyes upon this zoomed in.

A man born with two penises answers all your questions.

(Warning: NSFW, obviously. Unless your boss is into that sort of thing.)

Peek-a-boo peen.

We can’t help but question the creative decision behind the exposed schlong. Was it meant to shock us? If yes, mission complete.

Ain’t nobody want to see that.