Dramatic National Geographic penguin love triangle video shocks internet.

National Geographic have released a video showing what happens “when a husband comes home and finds his wife with another penguin”.

In the video, two male penguins engage in a bloody battle, fighting for the affections of a female penguin, according to National Geographic.

The “husband” and the “homewrecker” pummelled each other with their wings, before calling on the female penguin to make her choice.

“Most birds have hollow bones in their wings to make them hollow for flight, but penguins don’t fly, their wings contain solid bone,” the narrator said.

“They use them like baseball bats, to club each other, delivering up to eight blows a second.

“Thick blubber protects vital organs from the pummelling.”

The “homewrecker” was chosen and emerged from the battle victorious. But another fight ensued, this time much bloodier, as the male penguins gouged at one another’s eyes with their beaks.

The soap-opera style video captured the imagination of Twitter users.

Some suggested the narrator’s commentary was just as vicious as the “homewrecking” penguin’s behaviour.

“She’s got no time for losers,” the narrator said after the “husband” lost the fight.



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