Penelope Cruz and her sister make lesbian music video. Wheeeee!

I really can’t think of a better way to start 08 than with this news. You may be on holidays still (I am – hence appalling and lazy lack of posting) or you may be back and work and pretending you’re still on holidays but it’s never a bad time for some news about an incestuous lesbian music video featuring a major Hollywood star.

Intimate ... Penelope and Monica

Penelope and her younger sister Monica (above) star as sexy translators in a music video for their brother – Eduardo Cruz – who is apparently a Spanish rock star looking to boost his career a little. I can’t imagine why he’d think getting his hot sisters to make out would do that but hey, whatever. Mum and Dad must be so proud to have so many sexy, talented kids getting it on – I mean, getting on with it.

Because I’m sure you’re keen to know the plot details, the sisters/translators dub scenes from a lesbian porn film into Spanish and this gets them in the mood for a bit of girl-on-girl action themselves. You may be able to see the video if you go here.

HAPPPPPPY new year. I think 08 is going to be Great. So does Eduardo Cruz.

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