"Is she... okay?" The five strangest things about the creepiest ad in the world right now.


It’s Christmas Day and snow is falling in your backyard.

You can see that because you live tucked away in the woods in Aspen in a $3 million house complete with floor to ceiling windows, which are somehow completely spotless… despite having a small child.

You walk into your living room and there it is.

A USD$2,245 surveillance hamster wheel Peloton stationary bike.

Ah, it’s just what you wanted.

“Here’s your present YOU BETTER DOCUMENT YOURSELF USING IT,” your flannel-wearing husband warns you as 1999 one-hit wonder ‘She’s So High’ begins playing in the background.

Weirdly enough, this isn’t just a bizarre… dream. Instead, it’s the plot behind Peloton’s latest Christmas commercial, which has been described as like a “horror movie”.

You can watch Peloton’s bizarre Christmas commercial below. Post continues after video.

The ad, which was released on YouTube on November 21, follows a woman’s yearlong selfie journey after her partner rudely gifted her a high-end stationary bike for Christmas.

And now, as expected, the bizarre ad has gone completely viral.

In fact, it’s so viral, there have been more Google searches for Peloton than impeachment in the United States.


Plus, according to Bloomberg, Peloton’s shares are now down by as much as 10 per cent following the advertisement.

Here’s the five most ridiculous things about Peloton’s Christmas ad.

The selfie video.

After receiving a Peloton for Christmas, the protagonist begins documenting her ~journey~ using selfie videos.

“I’m a little nervous… but excited,” the woman says to her phone camera in a way that definitely seems a little bit like a hostage video.

A year down the track, on Christmas Day, the woman combines her selfie videos into a movie, which she broadcasts in the living room for her husband on the TV.

peloton bike ad

"A year ago, I didn't realise how much this would change me," the woman tells her partner in the video.

Ah, yes. We're sure a surveillance hamster wheel would definitely... change you.


The present.

Okay, can we please talk about the fact that this woman's husband bought her a torture device stationary bike FOR CHRISTMAS?

This woman doesn't need a Peloton. She needs a divorce lawyer.

This is how the plot would have went down in reality:

The house.

In the ad, the couple appear to live in a picture perfect, million dollar home.

I mean, what would you expect from a couple who are able to drop a solid $2,000+ on a bike. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Serious question. Are you... legally required to have a wall in your house that's entirely windows if you own a Peloton?


The placement of the bike.

In the beginning of the ad, the bike is placed in the middle of the living room in front of the couple's floor to ceiling windows.

Then, later in the ad, the bike appears to be in the basement.


The protagonist.

The weirdest part of all is that the protagonist appears to have perpetually sad eyebrows.


Seriously, we're a little concerned.



Featured Image: YouTube.

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