Turns out we've been peeling bananas the hard way our entire lives.

Is there a more versatile fruit than the humble banana? It can be sliced on toast, turned into “nicecream”, baked into a cake, blended into a smoothie or enjoyed on its own.

Yet, no matter how many ways there are to eat a banana, there’s only one way to open it, right?

Wrong. Turns out, cracking it open at the stalk and peeling down is actually doing it the hard way.

So what is this better way to open bananas? Well, according to YouTuber Crazy Bananas, whose YouTube tutorial on the topic has been viewed more than 12 million times, you simply flip the fruit upside down.

Pinching the "bottom" makes the peel open easily. (Image via YouTube.)

Crazy Bananas shows us that by turning the banana stalk-side down and pinching the top to split the skin cleanly you can peel your banana with ease.


Not only does this method eliminate any chance of you smooshing the top when a too-tough stalk won't crack, but it's also the best way to ensure the white stringy inner peel will stick to the outer peel and not your banana.

Do it the way a monkey (or in this case macaque) would. (Image via Getty.)

Apparently, the woman who showed the YouTuber this method said it's how monkeys prefer to prepare their bananas too. And really, if there's one thing should trust our ape cousins on, it's how to eat bananas.

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