When Kallie's ex blackmailed her with an embarrassing moment, she had a clever idea.

Yes, well.

Sometimes the human race comes together in the most unusual ways.

You see, a couple of months ago a woman named Kallie Berry drank too much beer and peed her pants.

Her ex-boyfriend, who sounds like a complete douche bag, then tried to use it to blackmail her.

So, Kallie posted about it on Twitter and took that pee-based power away from him.

I drank too much beer like a month and a half ago and peed myself. I’m tired of my ex blackmailing me with it so now everyone knows. ????????‍♀️

Then something pretty damn wonderful happened – people started sharing their own pissy pant stories in support of Kallie.

It’s turned into a big ole’ pee support group.


In the immortal words of one of Adam Sandler’s many movie characters “You ain’t cool unless you pee your pants”.





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