Celeb news: Peaches Geldof's last heartbreaking interview.

Peaches Geldof was scared of the drug that ultimately took her life. She was scared of herself, as so many addicts are.

In what looks like the final interview before her death, the 25-year-old model/actress spoke openly about heroin, fame, and the dangers of both. It’s genuinely heartbreaking, to read the words of the now-deceased mother of two small children.

Speaking to William Todd Schultz at The Spectator, Peaches described how strange and difficult it was to grow up famous.

When they chatted, Phillip Seymour Hoffman had just died of an overdose. Peaches was a great fan of his, and had this eery thing about the fate they ended up sharing:

‘Heroin is such a bleak drug. It always makes me so sad to hear about people like Hoffman who were real masters and also family men who were just wasted by the constant, gnawing obsession with it. All heroin users seem to have the same core internal pain, though. It’s a fascinating concept — drug of choice.’

Peaches was found dead in her home on April 7 of this year, with her son close by. A post-mortem said it was most likely she died from heroin overdose, which is the same tragic ending her mother, Paula Yates, met.

Peaches grew up fearing that exact outcome, as she told The Spectator. “Your life, they keep telling you, is pre-ordained: “I’m going to die like my mother, she’s going to end up like her mother.”

The fact that she did end up like her mother is devastating for the Geldof family, Peaches’ husband and her two children.

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