Sylvia Jeffreys was one pink top away from jacket-gate hilarity this morning.

Morning television host Sylvia Jeffreys crossed over to reporter Jess Millward in Brisbane on The Today Show this morning when she saw a familiar sight.

In fact, you could say it was almost like looking in the mirror.

Turns out Millward and Jeffreys were wearing the exact same light pink peplum top, but this time there wasn’t a jacket in sight.

Image: The Today Show

Reporting on the heatwave about to hit Australia's East Coast, Jeffreys made a joke about it being not jacket weather.

"I hope no-one leaks what you just said to me in the break!" responded Millward.


"Great minds think alike," Jeffreys captioned a reaction photo of the pair on Instagram after the show.

In fact, Perth viewers would also have seen presenter Tracy Vo in the same top but a slightly different colour.

In a stark contrast to Amber Sherlock and Julie Snook's #JacketGate earlier this year where all three guests appearing on a TV panel were wearing white and Snook was forced to get a jacket, Jeffreys and Millward proved twinning at work doesn't have to be embarrassing - it can be brilliant too.

Statistically, it was probably only a matter of time until a double up occurred.

With a u-shaped neckline, zip front and smart peplum waist, you'll find this $550 Scanlan and Theodore hanging in many a TV journalist's wardrobe.

Jeffreys has worn it before.

We ❤️ the new @pushmataaha jewellery @sylviajeffreys wore on @thetodayshow this morning! #9Style #9Today

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As have plenty of other familiar faces from your TV screens.

Major Farrah Fawcett vibes from @davinasmith9 today! She wears @scanlantheodore on @9news. #9News #9Style

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@aloxley stuns in this sleek and simple piece from @scanlantheodore! #9News #9Style

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It's proof that it looks good on just about everybody.

Unfortunately, as it's from last year it's not currently available in stores so if you can't raid the Channel Nine wardrobe department, try Ebay.