CULT BUY: The $10 Paw Patrol interactive toy that meant my kids actually put the iPad down.

Mothers guilt. It happens to all of us.

You know that voice in your head that makes you question if you’re doing parenting the right way?… I mean am I even adulting the right way?

But sometimes you know you’re winning when your kids play quietly together for a solid 20 minutes. That’s what happened when I asked them to trial the Paw Patrol Magnetic Scribbler, $10.

It goes without saying that weeknights are a struggle with tired and hungry children, so the blessing of a quiet half an hour meant I could make them dinner (without burning it) while they entertained themselves.

What I loved about this toy is that it’s educational. The kids where using the ruler to make straight lines, drawing portraits of Mummy (aren’t I beautiful?) and even drawing letters and shapes. My five-year-old was teaching his little sister how to write her name. Bless.

It almost looks like a photo of me.

The truth is I could have easily put a movie on or given them the iPad, but when there is a better alternative any parent will jump at that chance. The Paw Patrol Magnetic Board was definitely a better way for them to spend their time actually playing, learning and collaborating together. (#winning)


By the time dinner was ready they were both calm and not the crazy disengaged kids I get when I have to argue with them to put the iPad down.

The whole thing is only $10, too, so I'd recommend any parent give to a try if they're trying to find an alternative toy for their kids to play and learn with.

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