Pauline Hanson tells Karl Stefanovic that she has never said a racist word in her life.

Pauline Hanson is back with a vengeance.

Appearing on Today to defend her controversial Facebook campaign calling for an end to mosques, Sharia law, Halal certification and Muslim refugees – which has been shared around 27,000 times and has more than 20,000 likes – Hanson says claims she is a white supremacist are “hogwash”.

A bemused Karl Stefanovic asked the fiery Hanson, who will run as a candidate in the Queensland Senate at the next election, whether she would allow a Muslim to join her political party.

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“I can’t see any Muslim wanting to sign up to my party… Well I wouldn’t sell my house to a Muslim,” she responded – referencing a statement she first made five years ago.

Such a positive message to spread on social media. Image via Facebook.

(Karl posed the same question to Senator Jacqui Lambie on last night’s TV debut of The Verdict. After some consideration, Lambie said she would if they met all the other criteria.)

“Their way of life is incompatible with the Australian way of life,” Hanson continued.

“There’s nothing racist about what I’ve said. I’ve never said one racist word in my life.”

Karl pressed the potential senator on whether she had any Muslim friends.

“I possibly may have, I have met Muslim people over the years, by all means,” she said.

“As a Member of Parliament, I went down to Bankstown and I met some Muslim women there who stood around and had a chat with me that time.”

Yep, pretty much an expert on Islamic culture then.

Pauline Hanson met some Muslims once.

Hanson also had a crack at the Government for not taking her lead against multiculturalism.

“If they had’ve got it right in the first place, when I spoke about this nearly 20 years ago, about the multiculturalism does not work and to get the immigration right,” she said.

“You can’t bring people into Australia who is not on the same level as what you are as far as culture, their beliefs, their laws, their way of life, and that is why we have the problems these days.

“I’m not the problem, (Liberal Minister Christopher Pyne) is the problem because he is part of the government that has allowed this to happen.”

Plus, she has more Facebook likes than Pyne, she pointed out.

So there.

Here she is, in all her ranting glory:

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