Pauline Hanson made the rookie error of trying to take on Lee Lin Chin.

For reasons we honestly can’t explain, Senator Pauline Hanson has made the mistake of taking on SBS journalist and high priestess of the internet, Lee Lin Chin ahead of Donald Trump’s  presidential inauguration ceremony.

The feud first began on Monday when Hanson tweeted, “Would you believe it? I have been gifted tickets to the Presidential Inauguration Ceremony of @realDonaldTrump – What an honour!”

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson. Source: ABC.

The last minute invitation to the One Nation Party leader came after weeks of speculation that Trump's camp has struggled to secure guests and entertainment for the inauguration, something Chin pointed out in her reply to Hanson's tweet.

"Who hasn't got tickets? No actual Americans want to go so they're just inviting everyone. I've got a +8 for my man harem," the presenter replied.

Clearly missing the joke (and the section of Chin's Twitter bio that reads "These tweets are obviously jokes") Hanson took the tweet literally and replied, "I hope @LeeLinChinSBS your harem isn't also rorting the taxpayer by collecting welfare like some other harems do because that is a bad look."


Honestly, it makes absolutely no sense. But then, neither does Hanson, really.

pauline hanson lee lin chin
SBS presenter Lee Lin Chin. Source: Facebook.

Not missing a beat, Chin - a Gold Logie nominee - replied, "Men pay to be in my harem. It's like you don't even know who I am."

Ohhhhh burn.

While the volley was entertaining, one big question still remains.

If not even Pauline Hanson will go to Donald Trump's 13th birthday party inauguration, who is!?