Pauline Hanson says squat toilets are ruining the Australian way of life.

When we think about what we want from of our politicians, usually the big issues come to mind. We want to talk about health care and education, infrastructure and climate change. We want to hear their stance on tackling inequality and disadvantage.

But over the weekend, one particular politician thought there was a more pressing issue: toilets.

Yep. Today in ‘Pauline Hanson’s adventures,’ the One Nation leader has recorded a quirky interview telling viewers squat toilets will ruin their way of life.

In a video shared via her Facebook page, Hanson argued the Australian Tax Office’s decision to install squat toilets at one of its offices in Victoria is “totally confusing.” She said that if “they don’t know how to use a toilet …what the hell is going on?!”

Pauline Hanson squatting, to show how ridiculous squat toilets are. Image via Facebook.

If she hadn't just secured a six-year Senate term, and wasn't playing a role in making major political decisions, along with her three other One Nation colleagues in Parliament, it might even be funny.

Hanson scoffs while she says the ATO are putting in squat toilets "because over 20 per cent of their staff is from a non-English speaking background." HA! Making concessions for people because of cultural differences! What has Australia come to?!

Then she adds that people don't know how to use our toilets at the ATO, but also "at our parks, convention centres, in the Aussie homes...everywhere else."


Hanson thinks we're going to turn into a country run by squat toilets. No longer will we be able to sit upon our beautiful ivory thrones. No longer will we be able to relax on our toilet seat, reading the paper, and thinking of our best ideas. NO LONGER will people in the Western world develop primary constipation because the sitting position is not actually conducive to healthy bowel elimination. NO LONGER.

But perhaps the strangest part of the video is when she makes a joke at the end about how difficult it is to do your taxes.

"I know what's more confusing," she says passionately. "And it's definitely not using the squat toilet."

"It's doing our tax!"

And then she smiles like this:

"This is my 'I'm clever' face." Image via Facebook.

I know that face. It's the face of a person who thinks they've made a really, really compelling argument, even though the person they're talking to is looking at them like this:

"Oh, no. No honey. That ain't right." Image via Giphy.

It didn't stop with the video. Hanson engaged with commenters on her Facebook page to further argue her point.

When asked how much this would cost the Australian tax payer, Hanson replied "It's not just a matter of dollars. It starts with toilets and ends with costing us our Australian way of life."