Pauline Hanson reveals her "please explain" moment changed her life.

She’s described as “Australia’s most controversial politician” – a label that’s stuck ever since she first entered the political arena nearly two decades ago.

Now she’s back, having returned to parliament house on Tuesday to take one of the four senate seats won by her now-eponymous One Nation party.

But has Pauline Hanson changed?

That’s one of the many questions 60 Minutes sets out to answer in a tell-all segment on Sunday night; one that promises to offer an in-depth look into the life, career and motivations of the divisive mother of four.

Of course, Hanson is no stranger to the Channel 9 program. She famously appeared in 1996, and uttered two words that instantly became entrenched in Australia’s cultural lexicon:

“Please explain.”


The promo for Sunday night’s episode suggests that it’s a moment that even Senator Hanson can laugh about now.

“When 60 Minutes asked you if you were xenophobic…,” prompts reporter Liz Hayes.

“That changed my life,” she chuckles.

Hayes then pushes for her own moment of television history, asking the 62-year-old to “clear the air”: “Do you hate Muslims?”

“No, I don’t hate,” Hanson responds.

It’s a statement her detractors might find difficult to swallow, given the senator’s firm stance on immigration policy – she directly links Muslim immigration with “terrorism on the streets.”

But there’s little denying that and her straight-talking ways are a huge part of how she has – as 60 Minutes puts it – “clawed her way back to the top”.

We’ll be watching.