The Chop: The one where Paula Joye gets the Sienna Miller bob.

Images: Paula Joye (supplied)

Best hair at this year’s Golden Globes went to Sienna Miller. Her cool cut was just the nudge I needed to go shorter.

Regular readers will remember that last year I cut my curtain-length hair into a long bob (lob), but sometimes you need to go farther.

Sienna Miller has the hair we all want now.

And by farther, I mean shorter and by sometimes, I mean immediately.

The Sienna Bob. Swoon. (via Getty)

My hair is in the hands of the ever-patient hands of the awesome Renya Xydis from Valonz Haircutters (my hair is coloured by Valonz’s Ash Croker).

If Renya had her way, I would be much braver and switch things up much more, but in practice she has to endure my indecision like a mother listening to their child play violin for the first time. I can be incredibly trying.

How to get beach hair (without going anywhere near the beach)

So, last week she jumped at my rare ‘lets do it this' second mood and cut the most perfect swishy, textured bob which we shall call The Sienna.

The before

Four weeks in the sun and salt water, wearing the same ponytail and not using a brush… looks like this.

The after

Yay. Just yay. I love hair that almost crunches when you touch it.

This cut reminded me how important it is to have a style. A style that works up and down. A style that does things for your face, your wardrobe and your mood.

The Chop: “I cut my hair for the first time in 7 years”

This hair makes me happier. And possibly taller? I may have danced in the street… just a little.

Sienna Miller isn't the only celebrity with great hair – check out these A-list transformations: [post continues after gallery]


The love

Renya is the woman behind Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, Jackie O, Bambi… Every time a celebrity comes to town, it’s Renya who whips their tresses into shape. She’s just spent the past week with Heidi Klum.

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But for me, she is like a cup of hot Milo on a freezing day. Warm is not an adequate adjective. She makes me feel good on the inside. Always.

And we laugh. Hard. Je l’aime.

Follow Renya’s instagram (it’s goooood).

The How-To.

This cut is far more low maintenance than I thought. It looks good sleek and turned under but to get this volume and crunch you need two things and ten minutes. Here’s how Renya did it.

1. Spritz back of crown and roots with sea salt spray. Wella Professional Sea Salt Spritz has great salon grunt. Wait till your hair is almost dry before adding it liberally.

2. Blow dry hair smooth but not straight. Focus on getting some volume into the crown and roots.

3. Renya swears by the Cloud Nine Wand because it gives a much more lived-in, cool curl than a tong. Think Kate Moss not Shirley Temple vibe. Curl, section by section, around the head starting about 5 cm from the part line. Leave each one to set until you’ve finished the entire head.

4. Use your hands to separate the curls and work them into place. Work from underneath, from back to front. Use dry shampoo to add extra texture and a matt finish along the part line.

5. Put on your highest heels and take your bob out for cocktails.

To book a cut with Renya Xydis at Valonz Haircutters, call 02 9357 6063.

This post originally appeared on The Joye and has been republished with permission.

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