The live remake of Paula Abdul's 'Opposites Attract' is spectacular.

There is nothing wrong with the love between cat and woman.

Paula Abdul’s Opposites Attract was one of the very first singles I had on tape.

I loved everything about it, including the video, which featured some kind of courtship between Abdul and an animated cat called MC Skat Kat.

I had no idea what the lyrics were or what they meant. I thought the chorus went, “We go together because I persist a track.”

Video via Paula Abdul

It was many years before my reading and listening skills caught me up. Hint: it’s all in the title.

But it didn’t matter, because Paula Abdul and MC Skat Kat were everything, and Abdul herself seems to have realised that her career pinnacle happened in that one, glorious 1988 music video.

Abdul and Cordon standing in for MC Skat Kat.

That’s why she decided to recreate it, so that current generations of youth can experience what I did.

James Corden took on MC Skat Kat duties while Abdul played herself to perfection on the Late Night Show with James Cordon on Tuesday night.

Corden just keeps outdoing himself. First he brought us Carpool Karaoke, now this?

Starcrossed lover: Abdul and the original MC Skat Kat.

So, while Adbul and MC Skat Kat’s interspecies love was doomed right from the start when they worked out that Abdul would never be able to carry MC Skat Kat’s litter, what can I say?

Opposites attract.

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