Why everyone can't stop staring at Paul Rudd's face.

We’re calling it: Paul Rudd is immortal.

And the proof is right in front of us.

At the Oscars this week, Rudd, who stars as Scott Lang/Ant-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, presented the award for best visual effects with Sarah Paulson.

But the real standout performance was by his face.

"And the winner is... Paul Rudd's skincare routine." Image: Getty.

The man has not aged in decades and the world has questions.

Um. Image: Youtube, 1995.
Excuse me. Image: Getty, 1999.
Pls explain. Image: Getty, 2019.

Mainly: How is this possible?

...And where exactly can we get in touch with Satan to make a similar arrangement?

Over the past few years, the Clueless actor's career has been on a steady rise, but his age (allegedly 49) appears to have remained constant. There's something very fishy about it.


Look, we're not saying we believe in vampires, but if we did, we'd say he's at the helm of the Hollywood vampire syndicate of which fellow age-defying male celebrities Pharrell Williams and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are members.

Their faces don't make sense.

Pharrell 2000 vs 2019. Image: Getty.
Joseph Gordon Levitt 2003 vs 2018. Image: Getty.

But they've got nothing on Rudd, as pointed out by Twitter this week:

How are you doing this, sir?

In an attempt to throw us off course, Paul previously told People it's all down to diet, nutrition, and avoiding alcohol.

“My day was centred around fitness and health,” he said at the time.

"And the fresh blood of my mortal victims."

Okay, we made that last quote up, but we're really not buying it. We know you sleep in a coffin mate.

The rest of the internet rightly shares the same bewilderment to Paul Rudd's reverse-ageing: