A third victim of Tinder stalker Paul Lambert has come forward with her terrifying experience.

A disturbing pattern of abuse has emerged as a third victim of Tinder stalker Paul Lambert, who last week was shot dead by police after stabbing a woman and dousing her in petrol, comes forward.

Tarnie Johnston told A Current Affair she was bombarded by text messages and emails from the 36-year-old a decade ago after meeting at University.

Johnston also noticed a striking resemblance between herself and Lambert’s other victims, doctor Angela Jay and Fox News reporter Ann Keil.

“All the emotion, fear and memories came flooding back instantly. Paul’s behaviour towards Angela and Ann was reminiscent of what I had experienced 10 years ago,” she said.

“What’s even worse is we all look the same.”

Lambert's victims Tarnie Johnston, Ann Kiel and Angela Jay. Source: A Current Affair/Instagram/Facebook

Lambert had only been dating Angela Jay, 28, for a few weeks before she broke up with him, after having met on popular dating app Tinder.

He then bombarded her with incessant call and violent threats, forcing her to contact police and apply for an Apprehended Violence Order.

Adam Lambert. Source: Facebook

Last Thursday he was killed by police after brutally attacking Jay in her Port Macquarie home.

Two years before the incident, Lambert stalked another woman, Ann Kiel, an Emmy-award winning TV news reporter.

Kiel was unable to sleep, work properly or eat for months and took legal action to have him deported from the US.

A Current Affair shared a series of disturbing text messages he sent to friends in the lead up to his move there.

"Moving over to Orlando, fresh start for everything," he told a friend, who asked when he was leaving.

"Hopefully in next month, huge gamble."

Jay is also an American citizen, having moved from California several years ago to pursue her career in medicine.

She has been released from hospital and is currently recuperating form her ordeal.