"Who said kids spoil the magic?": This photo of Patrick Dangerfield's bed sums up parenting.

After you have a baby, you can safely assume that things are going to be a little different in the bedroom.

All that fun stuff is replaced with midnight feeds, restless babies and sometimes, an extra person in the bed.

For Patrick Dangerfield, this is his new life.

The AFL Geelong Cats football player shared an Instagram post that perfectly encompasses exactly how things change once you become a dad.

In the photo, the Brownlow Medalist’s 11-month old son George Patrick sleeps sideways, jammed in between Patrick and his wife Mardi.

“Who said kids spoil the ‘magic’…” Patrick joked.

Who said kids spoil the ‘magic’…

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“He’s a form of contraception,” one commenter wrote.

Welcome to parenthood, Patrick.

Patrick and Mardi, who married in early 2016, welcomed their first child George Patrick in July last year.

The couple hilariously announced that they were expecting with an ultrasound video complete with a voice-over from famous Australian announcer Craig Willis.

Family fun with fishing photo bomb @sam_dangerfield

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Besides playing AFL and being dad to George, Patrick co-hosts a fishing podcast, called Reel Adventures.

Patrick announced the birth of his first-born on the show, just a day after he was born.

“I won’t lie to you and I’ve said all along that the sex doesn’t matter but when I saw that little willy I couldn’t have been happier,” the proud dad said.

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