An ABC journalist was kicked out of parliament for baring "too much skin".

ABC journalist Patricia Karvelas has been removed from Question Time in parliament for allegedly baring too much skin.

Karvelas tweeted about her disappointment moments after the incident, sharing a photo of the short-sleeved top she was wearing.

“I have just been kicked out of #QT because you can allegedly see too much skin,” she posted on Twitter.

When asked how she reacted to being removed from Question Time, the RN Drive host said, “I politely put my case that these are short sleeves.”

“I left when the attendant insisted. I think the rule is out of step with contemporary standards,” she added.


Speaking to ABC News, Karvelas explained why she was marched out of Question Time.

“The attendant came up to me; she was very polite. She said she was essentially executing orders of her supervisor who said my clothes, what I’m wearing: too much shoulder,” she said.

“Basically, I needed to cover up more, I needed a jacket,” she continued.

“She said it wasn’t appropriate and I had to leave.”

Since posting about the incident, fellow journalists, politicians and members of the public have jumped to Karvelas’ defence, with many labelling the rule as “backwards” and “ridiculous”.




Speaking on Sydney’s 2GB radio station this afternoon, Karvelas said this isn’t the first time she’s been removed from Question Time due to dress code violations.

Journalists in the press gallery in Canberra’s House of Representatives are expected to follow a strict dress code, which involves wearing jackets.

The rules state that appropriate dress “may include a shirt with collar, jacket and trousers for men, and a similar standard of formality for women”.

Last year, Greens MP Adam Bandt attempted to contest the “ridiculous bare arms” rule imposed on journalists in the press gallery.


What do you think about the dress code for journalists in the press gallery? Let us know in the comments.

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