What happens when a baby is born looking nothing like it's "father"?

It’s one of the most awkward things that can occur in a delivery room – so what happens when a baby is born looking nothing at all like the “father”?

A recent Reddit thread invited doctors to share their stories of babies being born bearing no resemblance to their “dads”.

We’re just putting it out there – these guys might want to request a paternity test

paternity test
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Here are some of the most awkward anecdotes:

  • The mother asked what the baby's blood type was, to which the pediatrician responded "A+." The father of the baby insisted that was impossible, as he AND his wife (this was their third baby) were both O-. The pediatrician got totally flustered and came back to the nursery to verify the lab results - baby really was A+. There is absolutely no chance that the baby belonged to that man. The husband left the hospital soon after. - HoHoHo_Its_Santa
  • My mum used to be a NICU nurse and then became a lactationist. She once told me about a mixed race couple (neither were white) that had an albino child. The mother was convinced that the father had an affair. - uncP
  • My son came out very very dark skinned. I'm olive skinned. My husband is white as a ghost. His face was priceless. My mom was there and reminded him that my grandmother (her mother) is well... black. - Meowschu

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  • One of my buddies got a girl pregnant. Blinded by the prospect of being a new father, the doctors and nurses had to convince him the baby was a little too dark to be his and had to convince him he to take a test. Yeah. Wasn't his. - PVKT
  • My wife's cousin and his now ex-wife are the whitest people you have ever seen. His son is Persian. We had to pretend for years that nothing seemed out of the ordinary until she up and left him one day for... you guessed it a Persian. - nosexpantherbyodeon
  • Long story short, he had twins with his wife, one of the girls got sick with a genetic illness and they tested her sister. Turns out that her sister doesn't have the genetic marker for this disease. His wife was, for lack of a more PG-13 way of saying it, faithful to him in the morning and unfaithful to him at night. One of the twins was his, and the other was not. - SuperSpecialEE
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  • Midwife here. I've seen a few including a girl whose entire family and boyfriend had learning difficulties and happily explained away the very brown baby by telling all and sundry that the mum had "spent a lot of time sunbathing". - runawaytohyrule

We're guessing these births resulted in a few awkward conversations between mum and "dad"...