These are the 10 most common passwords.


If you use a 4-digit password to protect your phone – or your credit card or anything really – you’ll want to know this. According to a study conducted by iPhone app developer Daniel Amitay, millions of iPhone users pick highly predictable password combinations – meaning that their devices could easily be hacked.

Although 10,000 possible combinations are available, 15% of users pick one of ten four-digit combinations. The most popular are ‘1234’ and ‘0000’, as well as ‘2580’ (the vertical middle row) and ‘1111’.

Less popular – but still widely used – are passwords ‘5555’, ‘LOVE’ (‘5683’), ‘0582’, ‘2222’, ‘1212’ and, surprisingly, ‘1998’. So if your password is one of the ten listed, you might want to change it as soon as possible.

You can see full results of the study here.

Is there such a thing as Password Overload? There must be because I have it. With everyone having a hundred passwords for a 1000 different things (or do you use the same one for everything?), it’s not really surprising that so many of us are taking the easy option and using common passwords.

So – how do you handle the password situation? Do you have just one, or a few different passwords? Do you remember them all, or do you allow your internet browser to remember them for you? Do you use a special app to store them all somewhere, or do you write them all down somewhere so that you’ll never forget? Are you as overwhelmed as me?