The passive aggressive notes you'll be grateful you weren't on the receiving end of.

Have you ever left the dirty dishes in the sink a few minutes longer than your house mate would like? Have you ever parked a few centimetres over the divider line in the shopping centre car park? Then you’ve probably received a passive aggressive note at some time in your life.

There’s nothing worse than receiving a passive aggressive note, but there’s nothing better than reading the ridiculous notes other people have received.

We understand that so here are some of the best passive aggressive notes the internet has to share from some of the places that seem to inspire the most aggression.


My roommate is always leaving passive aggressive notes about what she does around the house. Thought I’d join in.

In the time it took you to print on a post-it you could have just loaded the dishwasher #real(ly)talk #passiveaggressivenotes

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Passive aggressive dining


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Car parks

My mom found this on her windshield

My boyfriend was in a hurry and parked like an asshole in our new parking spot; I found this on the windshield this morning.

It’s it great that these notes weren’t addressed to you!

H/T: The Mirror