The 13 passive aggressive notes every housemate will identify with.

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From dirty dishes and laundry left everywhere, to coming home after work and finding someone’s eaten your brie again, bad house manners can lead you to despair. The only way to tackle the situation? For some, the solution is a passive aggressive note.

Yes, we’ve all had that one roommate who insists on leaving you a not-so-friendly post-it with “kind” reminders about everything you have/haven’t done.

Take for example this one, shared on Passive Aggressive Notes, a website dedicated to the artfully penned letter.

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The common theme? Never mess with people and their food.

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If that fails there are other ways to make the consequences even clearer.

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But the aggression doesn't stop in the kitchen.

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In fact, no room is safe.


While we get it can be seriously frustrating when someone eats your food or leaves a mess, we can't help but laugh at some of the thinly masked aggression in some of these notes.(Post continues after gallery.)


Because we all know that signing off with a 'Thank you!' or 'xoxox' really softens the blow, right?

(Watch The Glow team share their office passive-aggressive reminders. Post continues after video.)

And truthfully, we've all been tempted to be that person at some point in our lives.

Have you ever written or received a passive aggressive note from your housemates?