'I never thought my boyfriend would cheat. Then I found the literal receipts.'

We've all heard stories of people catching their partners cheating through suspicious texts or social media activity, but for TikTok user Ke Ke (@keepingup.withkeke), the receipts were literally laid out on the counter.

Ke Ke's discovery began innocently enough. While visiting her long-distance boyfriend in his hometown of Tampa, Florida, she was looking for her keys when she noticed a receipt from a dinner they had together the previous night.

However, her curiosity got the better of her, and she started to sift through the other receipts lying around.

What she found next was a shocker.

"This is how dumb men are, okay? Let me just show y'all," Ke Ke said in the video posted to TikTok that has since gone viral.

Watch: Woman discovers partner cheating through receipts left on the table. Story continues below.

Video via TikTok/keepingup.withkeke.

"I'm at my boo's house right now, right, he's out and I'm like looking on the counter for my keys, I'm about to go down to the pool. And I see the receipt from where we went to dinner last night," Ke Ke said, holding up the piece of paper for the camera.

Among the receipts was one from Maloney's Local Irish Pub, showing two glasses of Sauvignon Blanc, an 'Electric Lemon', and a 'Blk Berry Lemon'.


"I'm like, okay, well, maybe he was just drinking..." Ke Ke muses, giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Another receipt was from True Food Kitchen, with two separate meals: a 'Teriyaki Remix Bowl' and a 'Thai Peanut Noodle Bowl', each with added meat.

And the final damning detail? Each receipt indicated that there were two guests at the table.

"Two guests. Okay..." Ke Ke said, zooming in on the damning evidence. She added in a text overlay that she hadn't been to Tampa since March.

"My hand is literally shaking. I'm so pissed off right now," she exclaimed, showing the receipts fluttering between her trembling fingers.

"This is how stupid men are," she emphasised. "Right here. In our faces. I was here, I've been here all weekend. It's been on the counter this whole time. All this other stuff. Right here. Just in my face, chilling," she says while grabbing the receipts and crumpling them.

Ke Ke's story resonated with many viewers, who shared their own experiences of discovering infidelity through seemingly small and careless acts. 

One commenter aptly summed up the sentiment: "The first receipt with the two glasses of sauv blanc?! Dead giveaway."

Another wrote, "He got another girl and they eating good... Leave and never look back."

And several commenters also shared their own stories of discovering the partners' secrets via literal receipts. 


"That happened to me with my husband," said one. "He dropped a receipt on the floor and I picked it up and it was a receipt for the body shop repair. He got in an accident and didn't tell me."

"I found a Plan B [morning after pill] receipt in his car because I had a hunch..." posted another.

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Several commenters were telling Ke Ke to run — not walk — away from this guy as fast as she could. Because, astonishingly, this wasn't the first time she's stumbled on evidence he was doing her dirty.

In a series of follow-up videos, Ke Ke shared that her relationship with the man in question has definitely ended. But it was a wild ride of a relationship: After three months of love bombing, she shared that she had been ready to commit and move to Tampa to be with him, but he blindsided her with a breakup call.

Despite this, she gave the relationship a second chance, but during another visit, she discovered a suspicious nose ring in his room, which she also shared on TikTok. 

@keepingup.withkeke The FBI needs to just hire me at this point.. #fyp #dating #relationship #relationships ♬ original sound - msjacksonn89

Doubt lingered, but she chose to trust him and move forward.

But fate intervened, it seems. During another visit to Tampa, Ke Ke prayed for clarity about her relationship. That’s when she found the receipts. 

"The universe really be sending this s**t, right here, in my face," she said. "Something just told me, let me look through these receipts real quick.

"Your girl is divinely protected."

Feature Image: TikTok.

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