WATCH: Men are faced with a heart-wrenching choice in this Dove parody video.

Now men face ‘the doors’ too… #sizematters 

Dove’s #choosebeautiful ad campaign challenged women to think about how they viewed themselves, by asking women to choose a door to walk through. One was labelled ‘beautiful’ and the other ‘average.’

The polarising campaign was attacked by critics for not giving women more choices and many pointed out that it was OK not to choose ‘beautiful’.

But now, men are also being asked to make a similar heart-wrenching choice in this hilarious parody video.

It shows men being asked to choose between two doors.

One is labelled “average dick” and the other “big dick”.

Oh yes…. These poor, poor men were forced to struggle with their perceptions of size.

It went a little like this:

“Which door did you go through?”, “Really? Do you even need to ask?”

“I wanted to go through the average door, but my dad made me go through the big dick door.”

“I’ve measured it, it’s 20.3 centimetres. It’s a bit like Big Ben.”

“Am I choosing because of what society tells me to believe, because of the media bombardment or am I choosing because I have a big dick?”

Watch the rest here and don’t forget, #sizematters.