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Paris Jackson is now 16 years old and definitely part of the selfie generation.

Remember Paris Jackson? The 16-year-old daughter of late music legend Michael Jackson? She’s all grown up now.

Paris was only 11 years old when her dad died and she quickly became the centre of a custody battle between her mother, Debbie Rowe, and her grandmother, Katherine Jackson, that made headlines around the world.

It’s been widely reported in recent years that Paris has struggled since her father’s death, and was hospitalised in 2013 following an alleged suicide attempt.

But now, after 18 months in treatment facilities and a boarding school to recover, Paris is finally looking healthy and happy. We know this, of course, because of social media.

Paris Jackson now. Image via Facebook.

She’s got a huge following on Facebook, where she keeps her 40-odd thousand followers updated on her life through large quantities of selfies. She also posts a lot of photos of her dad.

According to Woman’s Day, Paris has apparently starting dating a semi-famous American footballer we’ve never heard of.

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Paris met this footballer, Chester Castellaw, 18, through friends and confirmed the relationship on her private Facebook page.

Paris and Chester. Image via Facebook.

Well, she used a love heart emoji and called him her favourite, which is all the confirmation the world seems to need.

Castellaw also enjoys a selfie or two.

Chester, possibly posing with Paris’s phone. Or maybe he just really likes pink. Image via Facebook.

Look, it’s early days, but we’re just happy Paris seems happy.

Click through the gallery below to look at photos of Paris.