Paris Jackson's final message for Australia's 'monstrous media' after the Melbourne Cup.

It’s been a, erm, busy week for Paris Jackson.

After spending a truly eventful week in Australia licking windows and ‘daring to bare’ unshaven legs (cue apocalypse) as Emirates’ international guest at the Melbourne Cup, ‘being a diva’ and offending people with dingo selfies, the daughter of the late Michael Jackson is heading back home to LA.

And while the model and activist is sad to be saying goodbye to our flora and fauna – and some humans too – one group she’s 100 per cent happy to leave behind in the fumes of her private jet is the Australian media.

But before she settles in for her long haul flight, Jackson shared a message for the newspapers, websites and tabloids who over the past week made it their mission to tear her down. And gee, it burns.

“It breaks my heart to have visited the most beautiful country i’ve ever seen and may ever see, and meet the kindest most genuine people, and then be shredded to pieces by their monstrous media,” she captioned an Instagram post of the Great Barrier Reef, which she visited after attending the Melbourne Cup.

“Despite the nasty and cruel words, i still can’t wait to come back. thanks for the support aus tabloids, you guys are fantastic and i hope you feel big and strong for tearing down a teenage girl.

“I was really moved by the GBR and i’m excited to get involved in it’s protection programs, and everyone else was so kind and full of love and it made my heart happy. most of y’all were a ray of sunshine during a cloudy couple of weeks for me. thank you.”


The ‘nasty and cruel words’ Jackson referred to include a piece from the Herald Sun with the headline “Wacko Jacko 2.0” accompanied by a photo of the 19-year-old with her tongue pressed up against a window. It also included reports that Jackson was a diva for reportedly refusing to wear Australian designer, Alex Perry’s custom designed dress to the races. This news was accompanied by other lovely headlines like ‘Party girl Paris Jackson lets loose in Myer marquee at Melbourne Cup’ and  ‘Paris Jackson’s nightmare Melbourne Cup appearance’.

Addressing the unfortunate image and headline choices on Twitter, Jackson made it clear she would in no way stand for being bullied by media outlets.

The whole thing is awkward to say the least, but here’s hoping Paris comes back for an Australian summer soon.

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