Paris Jackson’s unshaven legs are blowing minds. For some reason.

Video by Mamamia

A horse named Rekindling ran 3,200 metres faster than 23 other horses today. But forget all that, because PARIS JACKSON DOESN’T SHAVE HER LEGS. And that’s much more noteworthy.


The 19-year-old model/actress/daughter of Michael Jackson was a guest of Melbourne Cup carnival sponsor Myer for the race at Flemington on Tuesday, and not only did she show up wearing her own boots, she also sported hairy legs. Naturally.

Also naturally, some tabloids were fascinated. There were investigative close-ups, claims of ‘flaunting’.

To be fair, we weren’t there, so Jackson may well have been wildly waving her ankles about or enthusiastically pointing to her shins.

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But as far as we could gather from photographs, she was just walking around doing famous people things, like posing, answering questions, demonstrating the contractually obligated level of interest in aforementioned horses.

Fans of Jackson wouldn’t have been at all surprised about her level of leg fuzz. She’s got precisely zero qualms about it, and has previously even boasted in Instagram about “competing” with her brother over who can grow it longer.

And for that she should be applauded.

Although honestly, the fact that the presence of visible leg hair is worthy of praise is mildly depressing in itself.

Can’t leg hair just… be? You know, like pubes or armpit hair. Oh, wait…

Got a (non leg-hair related) complaint about the Melbourne cup? Call the hotline…