Paris, are you happy now?

BIMBO WEBSITE: Critics say that website is sending the wrong message to young girls in the real world.

Imagine this. Two ‘lads’, one French and one English, set up a website called Miss Bimbo, an internet game aimed at girls 9-16. Online, girls create virtual characters called bimbos and then pay real money for “bimbo dollars” to purchase virtual items for their characters. Items like boob jobs, diet pills, facelifts, lingerie and nightclub outfits. Players must keep a constant watch on their bimbo’s weight, wardrobe and wealth (because hey, that’s what’s important in life) with the aim of the game being to create “the coolest, richest and most famous bimbo in the world.” This couldn’t happen in 2008, right? Wrong. Nicholas Jacquart, the pig, I mean guy, who set up the website in France where it attracted 1.2 million players reckons the game teaches children about “real life in a tongue-in-cheek way”. He’s recently moved to London to partner with an English pig, I mean, guy, Chris Evans to promote the site there and in one month they’ve had 200,000 young girls become members. In the rules, the site states that even though players want “to keep your bimbo waif thin….every girl needs to eat, every now and again.” Ya think? As the parent of a daughter, it’s enough to make you want to unplug your computer and go live among the Amish.

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