"I'm pregnant and my parents refuse to get vaccinated."

If you’ve ever visited a newborn, I’m sure you know the number one rule.

Have your vaccinations up to date.

It’s quite simple, really.

But one pregnant woman has been put into a difficult situation, after her parents have said they have no intention to get their Adult Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis vaccination (TDAP) before the arrival of her baby. Pertussis is commonly referred to as whooping cough. This is despite the fact the mum-to-be told them they couldn’t be there for the birth of the baby if they didn’t get vaccinated.

She took to Reddit to vent her understandable anger.

She wrote, “I am so upset right now I don’t even know what to think. My mum and my dad have been resistant to getting the TDAP each time I bring it up – my mum’s argument is they don’t know how it will ‘affect them’ since my mum has Parkinson’s and my dad has several medical conditions. After speaking with someone at the Center for Disease Control and my mum’s movement disorder doctor, I confirmed that there is no extra risk due to their conditions.”

"I am so upset right now I don't even know what to think." Image via iStock.

"I finally had a phone conversation with my mum about it today to explain how important it is and that there is a big push for grandparents to get them since whooping cough is very dangerous and is making a comeback, and that I know they're not thrilled about doing it but it's important for the baby. I explained that she has already gotten them when she was a kid, and so did my dad, so unless they had an allergic reaction (they didn't) they are fine." she continued.

At this point, the pregnant woman was forced to offer an ultimatum. Get vaccinated or you won't be there for the birth.

She explains, "So I had to play the Ace - either they get them or they can't come. I thought that would finally get it through to her how important it is and they wouldn't risk missing the birth of their grand baby (especially since I wanted my mum to be in the room with me) and I'm not backing down on this. Her response? 'I understand, well I can't make any promises yet I'll have to talk to your dad about it and I'll call you tonight.'"

"Either they get them or they can't come." Image via iStock.

Not surprisingly, this statement from her mother made the woman furious.

She adds, "What the f*ck? How is it even still a question?! Are they really considering not being here for her first two months because of a shot? If she tells me they aren't getting them I am going to be absolutely devastated. I just can't believe this is even an issue and the thought of my own mum and dad not being here over that is making me furious and sad. They have a tendency to be selfish but this is on another level. I just don't know what to do to get them to understand."

All the pregnant woman had to say was one word.


Would you let your parents visit your newborn if they weren't vaccinated?

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