Two parents successfully sued their own daughter for sponging off them.

It’s a truth universally known that children are parasites.

From the day we’re born it’s just take, take, take and our poor parents just give, give, give. And then give some more.

But, after loaning their adult daughter hundreds of thousands of dollars and not seeing a single cent returned, Marian and Trevor Warin decided enough was enough and sued the pants off her in the Wellington High Court.


Here are all the things your mum never gets to hear (post continues after video…):

Colleen Warin (who is a chartered accountant, by the way) racked up $368,000 in unpaid debts to her elderly mum and dad and never paid them back, despite being offered a $500 a month repayment plan. Twice.

“People need to be aware of even their own children,” Marian wrote in a scathing Facebook post about her kids.

“My daughter Colleen told me after taking our money that ‘I am not her mother’.

“I slaved picking tomatoes and worked all my life for my money.”

Hello everyone. People need to be aware of even their own children.My daughter Colleen told me after taking our money…

Posted by Marian Warin on Tuesday, 9 May 2017

She accused Colleen of using the money to buy a Mercedes and an island property, then went on to chastise her other son, Wayne, for not paying them for a house.

“My daughter won’t speak to me now. Unbelievable,” she wrote.

On April 26, a judge awarded the Warins the full amount, plus interest and court costs, according to the New Zealand Herald.

Marian also posted about that milestone on her Facebook page.

“Get a job and earn your own money,” she wrote.

“Trevor and I are not a Bank.”