"The Qantas ad": 12 parents share what makes them cry since having kids.

A quick survey of our friends with kids confirms that when you become a parent, you cry. And we don’t just mean at milestone moments such as their first step.

No, once you have children you get emotional about all the things. A heart-warming episode of Ellen where a family gets a new house. An insurance commercial. Sobbing. 

You let it out, have a good cry and then wonder when you became so hyper-responsive. When did this suddenly happen?

Oh yes, children.

The Mamamia team confess the weirdest things that have brought them to tears. Post continues below.

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The thing is, after having kids, emotions DO get intensified. You feel this love for a little being that you never thought was possible. And because of said little being, you become that much sappier towards everything. 

Mamamia reached out to 12 parents to share the random things that make them cry since having kids. Just try not to weep.


“A Telstra ad… an Officeworks ad… mostly things where kids are depicted growing up, or where a parent will die without seeing their kids grow up. Stepmom with Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon gets me every time, because of her having a little boy, who she won’t get to see grow up, but they’ll have ‘dream dates.’ And he’s so innocent and doesn’t fully get it.”


“I went to a Hi-Five concert and cried when the performers came on stage. I’d been watching them for years with the kids and suddenly, they were there, and I felt overwhelmed to be seeing them in the flesh. So weird.”


“Not long after my daughter was born, it was the Qantas ad when everyone was flying home from overseas. I’d burst into tears or have to change channels every time it was on. And the Kleenex toilet paper ad where they were looking for a new ambassador. Now any sad story about a kid, or a happy story too. And when my daughter was on stage doing her first callisthenics concert I was holding back tears.”



One Born Every Minute and any tragedy to do with children.”


“Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’. I can’t sing it without choking up. Pretty much anything Christmas-related. Christmas is such a magical time of year and I think we have this small window of real magic when our kids are little and believe in Santa. You just know that won’t last forever and I get carried away in the joy. Oh, and the end of the movie Storks when people get delivered their babies… makes me bawl!!”


“Basically everything! That new Australia Post Christmas ad that recently came out where that boy tried to cheer up the old man who lost his wife. Even just seeing an old person on the street and imagining that they were once a baby that was held and loved by their parents makes me tear up.”


“When my five-year-old says, ‘Night night Mama, lub you.’ Every time. So every night.”


“Pretty much any toilet paper ad. Tissue ads. OMG! All the things that are slightly sloppy. (Is that even the right word?) I can not watch One Born Every Minute without blubbering from start to finish. My husband now calls that my release time.”

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“Any lost child on Bondi Rescue… seeing the parents makes me a blubbering mess.”


“A couple of things spring to mind… While I was heavily pregnant there was a McDonald’s ad where there were some old ANZAC diggers sitting around a table at Maccas and one by one they slowly faded away. I would be an absolute wreck every time I saw it! Another is weddings! I’m sure I never used to cry as much as I do now when I see open declarations of love and commitment (I even cry during the Married at First Sight weddings??). And another that gets me every time is ‘proud parent’ moments! It doesn’t even have to be my child!! I get teary seeing other parents proud of their children… it can happen anywhere… school assemblies, watching talent shows on TV, in the street… anywhere! I think it’s the love that is displayed… hmm, so it seems public displays of love and affection get me teary… but only in the very best way.”


“Parent-teacher interviews, even if they say something good. People doing nice things for other people. When I’m in a waiting room and it feels like they’ve forgotten me. I have about five minutes of, “It’s ok, I’ll be next” before I just want to cry.”


“Songs, Australian anthem, Hey True Blue, Qantas ad, anything old or nostalgic, TV, kids birthdays, anything really, it’s truly cruel!!!”

What makes you cry now that you’re a parent? Let us know in the comments below!