In defence of parents on phones.

I don’t need to tell you that parenting is a busy and challenging job. If anyone needs a smart phone to get through the day, it’s a parent who’s juggling 25 different things at once.

Enter this delightful Tumblr, Parents on Phones. It’s been designed with one purpose in mind – shaming parents who are on their mobile phones when they are with their kids.

Because, clearly, parents on phones are bad, and parents not on phones are good. Is that the message we’re meant to be receiving? What about taking photos seconds afterwards when we were pushing our children on the swing, giving them a kiss or a hug or laughing and running around? Because that’s not controversial enough.

It makes me mad.

For the record, here are a number of good reasons why these parents may be on their phones:

1. They are organising the dropping off or picking up of other children;

2. They managed to wrangle a day off work but promised to check in via email and are doing so;

3. Their child is about to play a game on their phone so they are finding the game for them;

4. They are posting a photo on Facebook of their time with their child so they can treasure it forever;

5. They are organising various family appointments;

6. They are looking up directions.

I could go on and on.

Leave us alone, mean Tumbler people. Most of us are doing our best. Yes, we know that sometimes we need to put the phones down and engage with our children and we do. These photos are just one moment in our crazy, busy day. They are not a reflection on who we are as parents.

What do you think? Should parents leave their phones in their bags alone the WHOLE TIME they are with their kids?

This post was originally published on iVillage Australia and has been republished with full permission. 

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