"Can we just stop judging other parents?"

There is only one thing I hope for in 2015 and it is this.

As the year draws to a close it’s hard not to be sucked into the yearly ritual of looking back at the past 12 months.

The phrase I use every year is that we celebrated high highs and suffered low lows and this year is no different.

I smiled at stories that saw our community share love and compassion and come together as one.

Stories like the ‘letter to my daughter’s stepmum’ was the single most popular post this year.

Stories about holidays, family, weddings and parents proud of their child’s achievements.

I smiled at the responses to articles like the 'letter to my ex wife on the day of our divorce'.

I smiled because we supported each other as we discussed life in its rawest form. Emotive, real and stripped bear.

Any yet there are so many other topics that have caused us to act in the opposite way.

It was these other pieces and other responses that I am not proud of.

I looked over posts that had long lists of comments. Articles that, instead of bringing us together, saw us split in two.

These are articles that even I am guilty of writing.

And they all had one thing in common.

Parents judging other parents

If there was a parenting topic, parents argued about it.

Parents even argued about people not wanting to be parents.

We argued regular parenting debates like breast vs bottle, cry it out vs co-sleeping but we didn’t stop there. We argued about everything from books, to awards, to schools, to shoes.

In between all the good, all the articles that renewed my faith in humanity, I still saw so much anger. So much competition. So much judging.


Why do we comment more when our friends post status updates on horrible teachers than when they post about their children getting awards?

Why is it the bitching and the gossiping that holds us up at the school gates?

When are we going to stop?

Just stop.

Stop whinging. Stop competing. Stop judging.

We are all parents. We are going through the same things. We don’t have to do this to each other.

We are in this together. Why do we make it so difficult for ourselves to support and respect the decisions of other adults in our lives?

We CAN do this. The earlier pieces I mentioned are evidence of this.

We are capable of supporting one and another as parents.

As we wait for the new year to roll around and we look back on the good and the bad that has happened to us over 2014 there’s only one thing I hope for in 2015.

I hope that we stop the judging. Stop the fighting. Stop the bullying.

And I hope that we start caring. Start supporting. Start loving.

So before you comment. Before you start a rumour. Before you judge another parent for the decisions they are making.

Just stop.

What is your wish for the new year?

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