'My fiancé ignored a major tradition, and now my parents are boycotting our wedding.'

While times are changin’, it seems throwing out wedding traditions can cause a bit of a stir.

Just ask this RedditorThrowAwayAndPanic, who now faces the prospect of her parents not attending her big day because her partner chose to ignore tradition.

“My partner, 25, proposed last week and I happily said yes,” the anonymous woman wrote. “I could not be happier. I love him and he is going to be an awesome dad someday.

“But the issue is my partner is very new school and my dad is kind of old school.”

Uh. Oh.

While some parents would be A-OK with chucking out old conventions, the Redditor’s dad was “beyond mad” when her partner failed to ask for his blessing before proposing.

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“My dad said he was willing to hear an apology if my boyfriend formally asked for my hand at a restaurant dinner that my dad will pay for, but my boyfriend won’t budge,” she continued.

“My dad feels like he is being very accommodating. He will bring my boyfriend’s favourite wine to celebrate. But my partner just doesn’t believe in that tradition.

“He thinks the tradition of asking for the woman’s had is repulsive. His point is that he’s met my whole family, and gotten to know them. He says they have always known his intentions and he never made it secret that he was in love with me and wanted to marry me and have children.”

The woman’s boyfriend “feels he was done enough” to gain the family’s approval, and insists the only blessing he needs is her own.

‘But now my dad isn’t speaking to either of us, and staging a family-wide boycott of our wedding.’

Oh deary me.

“Both my mother and father are obviously mad and said that I should be ready for serious consequences. The wedding is set for August 9th, and now I’m worried that nobody in my family will be attending.”

What would you do in this woman’s position? Let us know in the comments below…

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