Open Post: What’s happening in your world?

Open post is where you get to tell us everything that’s going on in your world this week.

We’re trying something new.

I know, scary stuff.

But it isn’t actually all that scary. It is actually helpful. It might even become your most favourite thing to do on a Sunday night (right next to watching bad reality TV after the kiddies have gone to sleep, of course).

We are starting a weekly open post. It will be here every Sunday evening, for you to say whatever is on your mind.

You can talk about the week that’s been. The week that will come.

You can talk about something annoying that happened to you.

You can share your parenting fail (we’ll give you a virtual hug).

You can share your parenting win (we’ll be dancing with you).

And most importantly, you can ask for advice (we have some really smart readers who just might know the answer).

Parenting life.

Let's get things started from some of our parents:

"I spent $200 on school shoes his week that my kids will probably grow out of my March." - Lisa

"Parenting fail: Wrote a post all about how to survive back-to-school shopping, then went on a back-to-school shopping trip, broke most of the rules, and ended up with two overtired kids and none of the items I needed. Plus my son kicked my daughter in the eye at the end of it. Whinge: Why are there so many playgrounds with no shade cloth at all? They're completely useless in summer, especially if they have metal slippery dips. Parenting win: Survived my first seven-year-old girls' sleepover. Yay!" - Helen

"On Thursday, I saw my son chewing on a glue stick and I left him because I needed to finish an email in peace. #parentingfail" - Jacqui

Okay, my turn.

For the past few weeks, I have been watching the show Entourage. I know I'm very late to the party. I'm at the second last season, and I am already feeling sad about the final season, final episode. Any suggestions on what I can watch instead?

Okay, now your turn.

What's on your mind? Go.

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