The weird, the gross and the clever: 10 new parenting trends of 2015.

So it would appear that things have changed quite a lot since I first became a parent.

Of course every generation will experience their own unique parenting trends, from lotus births to helicopter parenting to eating the baby’s placenta but one thing that is a constant is that all of these ideas, go in and out of fashion.

2015 brings with it, its own set of parenting trends, some which will be useful and others, well, not so much…

Such as:

1. Pee Parties

Now wait, before you type this term into a search engine, it’s probably not what you are thinking. Or maybe it is. Basically, a ‘Pee Party’ is a group of women getting together and peeing on pregnancy tests in unison. They do this virtually by the way, they aren’t sitting around the lounge room holding sticks with urine on them as they sip a latte and eat scones.

There are a few factors; the women need to be on the same cycle and able to get together at the same time in an online hangout where they reveal their test results. This does mean of course that unless their partner is there with them, these virtual strangers know their (good or bad) news before their significant other does.

Also to be considered are the effects of a negative result and how this will be even more devastating to process publically, especially if the other women in the group conceive.

It’s a very complicated get-together.

I suppose many would feel this is a bit weird and I was always very much a ‘test in the toilet and hold my breath for 5 minutes’ kind of gal, but again, the times, they are a changing and if this makes these ladies happy and feel included in what can often be a daunting and long process, then I guess, they should go for it.

2. Brelfies

Quite simply, these are breastfeeding selfies. Or to break it down even further, a picture a mother takes of herself breastfeeding her baby and then posts on social media. Now, I myself wasn’t breastfeeding in the days where uploading a photo was instantaneous.

I would have had to take a picture on a digital camera, pull out the SD card, import it onto my computer and three hours later via dial-up Internet, upload to Facebook. Which is just as well really because I was far too busy dealing with mastitis and sleep deprivation to even contemplate sharing my struggle with the world.

These pictures though, are, for the most part, an empowering display for women to share with the world, just how natural and bonding the experience can be. Critics however, say that it simply “Naked exhibitionism” and women are using the pictures to shame parents who have trouble breastfeeding. I say, each to their own.

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3. Crowd Funding Babies

Look, babies are expensive, especially if couples are left with little to no choice other than to undergo IVF treatment. This is why one of the fastest growing Crowdfunding ventures (the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet) is babies. Couples are setting up accounts with a monetary target so they can start attempt or continue trying to conceive.

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4. Half Birthdays

Let me spell out what a ‘Half Birthday’ is if it’s not already obvious. When a baby turns 6 months old (so yes, half a year old), some parents are throwing their babies a birthday party. Complete with invites and baby farm animals and a Woman’s Weekly birthday cake.


To these people, I wish to say this, settle….the…fuck…down.

At least there’s more cake though. Right?

5. Exclusion by vaccination

With an increasing amount of morons people refusing to vaccinate their children, incidences of potentially deadly Whooping Cough and Measles are on the rise. As a result some parents are unashamedly denying access to their babies to unvaccinated children and adults. Which is obviously a very different trend to when I was five and my mother took me to a friend’s house to be intentionally exposed to the Measles.  Thanks Mum.

Want more like this? Try: Child welfare payments should be dependent on vaccinations.

6. Baby Teeth Bracelets

Look, I’m not saying these have a big following but it’s definitely a thing. So, if you go to a particular store on Etsy, a lady will bronze your children’s baby teeth (the ones they start losing around 6 or 7 years of age) and make them into a bracelet. Presumably you’ll have some explaining to do about the whole Tooth Fairy charade when your son or daughter realise what that thing is around your wrist but HEY, each to their own.

Would you immortalise your baby’s teeth?

7. The early reveal

It seems everyone is now busting so hard to reveal their baby news to the world, that they aren’t waiting until the recommended 12-week mark anymore. It seems, the minute they’ve got that first ultrasound picture in their hot little hands at around 8 weeks, news is spread immediately and widely. Generally by Facebook and usually in some cutesy and creative way.

8. All inclusive baby showers

Baby showers, once a very female orientated affair complete with games that make you cringe like “how many pegs can you get on the clothesline while holding your baby in on arm (not performed with live baby obviously) and lots of lingering with a bunch of people you’ve never met, eating cupcakes and wishing for it to all end are now receiving a refreshing overhaul. Now these are parties are much like a big all inclusive celebration, complete with (gasp) males in attendance and alcohol.

 Want more like this? Try: This mother hated the gifts she received at her baby shower. So she asked for better presents.

9. Third Trimester Twerking

Look, all I can say about this is kudos to these women to even have the energy to get up and dance around their lounge room and not feel as if the baby is literally going to fall out of their vaginas.

10. Babymoon

YES, much like a honeymoon but with much less sex and alcohol. Parents-to-be have (rightly) figured out that a holiday that doesn’t include packing 176 pieces of baby furniture and paraphernalia is not going to happen again for a while after the baby is born. So the babymoon is essentially a getaway for the two parents, to experience a holiday as a couple before they become a family.

Indulge in a child-free holiday before it’s too late.

I for one don’t mind a lot of these new parenting trends.

Sure I’m personally not going to be wearing my children’s teeth around my wrist anytime soon but I am looking forward to attending an inclusive baby shower one day.

Like all parenting advice, it comes down to cherry picking what works for you.

How about you? Any new ideas you’ve heard of or are using as a parent in 2015?