To all the perfect parents out there: This post is not for you.

Turn away, Pinterest worthy parents.

To all the people who have never had a parenting fail, this is not a post for you.

This is a post for the parents who just wish they could to lie in bed on Saturday mornings, and not have to get up at 6am to drive two kids to four different places to watch them lose in the rain.

This is a post for the parents who don’t mind that the daycare centre you send your children to sends home poo in a bag, because you understand that wiping babies’ bums all day is a seriously crappy job.

And this is a post for Andrew Daddo, who this week forgot that his daughter might want a cake for her birthday, and faced the wrath of a snubbed teenager.

And the message is this: It’s fine. We’ve got your back. We all screw up parenting sometimes. In fact, the days where we get absolutely nothing wrong are the days that don’t have Ys in them.

And there’s somewhere you can come to nod along with the imperfect parents of the world, and it’s This Glorious Mess, Mamamia’s parenting podcast, hosted by Andrew, and Holly Wainwright.

You can listen to the whole thing, here:

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What was your parenting fail this week? 

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