That moment when you realise your child is a w*nker.

It’s a very sticky episode.

One minute they’re a tousle-haired toddler.

The next they’re closing the bedroom door and getting twitchy about their browser history.

At least it seems that way to parents, who think that their children growing up at any pace is too fast.

But like it or not, one day your little boy may walk into the kitchen and write LUBRICANT on the shopping list. And there’s no getting away from it, he’s become a w*nker.

Suddenly, you can’t find this.

That’s the story a parent is telling on This Glorious Mess, Mamamia’s podcast about family life, this week.

Emily * says that her 11-year-old has started locking himself in his room, using up all the household tissues and giving her a running commentary on his progress from fiddling to fulfillment.

How is Emily handling it? You can find out here:

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This Glorious Mess podcast hosts Andrew Daddo and Holly Wainwright have pretty different views on whether being open and frank or silently supportive is the best way to go when it comes to talking to a child about loving themselves in that special way. But either way, they have some “expert” advice for Emily, who is mostly following her instincts. And mostly, it’s – “Don’t let them do it in public”.

This Glorious Mess’s Holly Wainwright and Andrew Daddo, in Mamamia’s podcasting “cave”.

Also this week, can we really call Miley Cyrus a role model for tween girls? And what do you do when confronted by headlice that refuse to die. Listeners have a few ideas.

*Not her real name. This might be the last frontier of embarrassing your children in public. 

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Have you had to have this conversation with your kids?