All the surprising things nobody tells you about having children.

There are some things about parenting that no What To Expect When You’re Expecting books can teach you.

Luckily, there’s a whole world of parents out there who are happy to share the moment they realised some lessons can only be learned through experience.

The stories were shared on anonymous forum Reddit, after one contributor asked:  “What is it that nobody tells you about having children?”


Hindsight is 20/20

“You are not as good of a parent as you thought you’d be when kidless you sat there, judging a parent because their child was acting up in public.”

Everything is Communal

“You no longer own anything. Everything is up for grabs. Food. Clothes. Sleep. Theirs.”

The Dinner Rush

“You will never be able to sit down and finish a dinner without getting up.”

Intercept! (Not on the courts)

“Babies are intent on killing themselves by falling off furniture, trying to crawl downstairs, eating small objects, etc. You will have to stop them on a regular basis.”

Newsflash: Scenes like this happen 1% of the time. (Source: This Is Us/NBC.)

The Guilt Trip Holiday

"Nobody warned me that I would feel worried or guilty at least once every day for the rest of my life."

Judgement Life

"You will feel judged from every corner about just about any and every decision you make, regardless of how trivial it seems at the time. Friends, family, complete strangers on the street-- they will all want to chime in on your choices."

An Unwelcome Silence

"The most terrifying sound you will ever hear is silence on a baby monitor."

No Beer And No TV Make Parents go Something-Something.

"There will come a day in your life when you know the names of all the characters from your child's favorite show (Chase! Rubble! Rocky! Zuma! Marshall! Skye!), but you haven't seen a normal movie in the theatres since Frozen came out."

Enjoy that alone time while it lasts. (Source: iStock.)

The Great Leap (from the hospital to the car)

"How awkward you'll feel when you first leave the hospital."

"That's the number one thing that hardly anyone discusses- everyone will give you advice about everything that will ever happen to the baby, you can read books about every stage of their life and what to expect all throughout your pregnancy but hardly anyone discussing the how to deal with the anxiety attack you feel when the nurse walks away after casually checking to see if you have a car seat."

A Not So Eerie Ear

"Newborn baby ears feel soft like rose petals. Rub your cheek against them all the time because one day their ears will be hard like yours."

It Takes Time

"That for some parents, you don't love the baby right away."

Want some parenting advice? Listen to the tips and tricks of a mum of seven. Post continues after podcast.

A Sickening Feeling

"That when they get sick (which they will do, frequently) they get really sick. A common cold can floor them for a whole week, they'll hardly eat and run a temperature of 40+. It will scare the shit out of you."

(Waiting for) A Room of One's Own

"Peeing alone is a luxury."


"That you have to pretend that you love every minute of it so you don't look like an asshole."

The Conditions of Unconditional Love

"Sometimes you may actually dislike your child/children. Even though this may make you feel guilty and ashamed, it's okay and you're not alone in those feelings."

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