'I have 2 kids under 3. Here are the best hacks worth their weight in gold to get through the day.'

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The moment I heard my first child's heartbeat, I felt instant love. 

My wife, Kirsten and I had been on an IVF journey to welcome our little girl, Gigi, and the motherly instincts hit me hard and fast. 

We then welcomed our son, Mateo, whom Kirsten carried in March.

They were everything we wished and hoped for, but I won't pretend like this hasn't also been the most challenging journey of our lives.  

Kat and Kirsten with their two children Gigi and Mateo. Image: Instagram @two.brisbane.mummas.


There's been sleepless nights. 

Awkward phases we didn't prepare ourselves enough for. 

Countless mistakes. 

But on the flipside, there's been pure joy. Endless pride. And countless lessons we've learned along the way. 

Kat and Kirsten with their son Mateo. Image: Instagram @two.brisbane.mummas.


So, I have some hacks worth sharing that I really believe are worth their weight in gold. 

And we're figuring out new additions all the time because every single day I feel like I've learnt something new about parenting and myself! 

1. Try grounding exercises when your child is overwhelmed. 

Adults are not the only ones who tend to feel overstimulated, upset or easily overwhelmed. Grounding exercises help children calm down, especially during an experience that they might find upsetting or frightening. 

Four weeks after the birth of our son Mateo, we had to take him to the children's hospital and were there for hours. Gigi was confined to her pram while we waited. She was, of course, agitated and even if we tried to get her out, she was stressed.

Once we left, we headed straight for the grass and let her run and roll around. The wind, the sun and the warmth pepped her right back up.

We're among the majority in Mamamia's Parenting Pain Points research study, which confirmed that for 74 per cent of mums, their child's emotional and mental wellbeing is their top concern. 

We can only fix our child's anxieties by listening to them when they tell us something is wrong. In this case, we learned that our daughter needed sunshine. She needed to move her body. She needed to wander.


Grounding exercises can help adults too, so you could do one together with your child. 

2. Remember your marriage first.  

Life isn’t always a fairytale — I still leave cupboard doors open and Kirsten still doesn’t know what she wants for dinner. But after 11 years together, we have learnt that in order to conquer our biggest challenges individually —  we have to face them together.

At least once a week, we sit (or lay) together and talk about what we haven’t had a chance to bring up. We always try and end our unloading on what we love about each other. 

As we navigate each new stage of life, we're trying to be present and remember to remain by one another's side through the good and bad stuff. 

3. Take time alone.

Kirsten and I have been together for 11 years and we've never tried to change each other. In fact, we've fostered our differences and I think they're why we work so well together. We're supportive of one another. I would never make her go to a yoga class, even though I love them. 

We work together. I have time alone and so does she. We value our own passions that are just entirely for us. To do this takes communication. It won't be perfect, of course. Life doesn't work that way. But on the days it does, you'll feel rejuvenated.

Kat and Kirsten with their daughter Gigi. Image: Instagram @two.brisbane.mummas.


4. Surrender to the chaos. 

Having two kids under three is hard. It's really, really busy and it's a totally different dynamic. With one little baby, it's about having a lot of time and patience. But with two kids, it feels like there is NO time and you have NO patience. 

At the same time, we've never felt so fulfilled, so at peace and so in love with each other. 

The wholeness you feel after having a family is something else. Embrace the sucky parts. Breathe through them. Lean on your partner. Sit in a corner for five minutes if you need to. Go tick off some chores to get away from the noise. 


Find something that takes you out of the stress and recalibrates you.  

5. Embrace the little moments when going from one baby to multiple.

What's key with the transition from one kid to two (or three!) is to be KIND to your partner. 

Lower expectations when it comes to anything outside of your bubble. Not everything has to be perfect and clean and tidy and organised. It just goes out the window and you must let it. 

Just keep learning, be calm and surrender to everything happening. Remember that this quickly passes. There are really hard times in the beginning but your baby grows so fast and it will be a different baby in three weeks. 

6. Remind yourself that what will be, will be. 

Focus on you and ways that don't allow the stresses of IVF get to you. 

I know, it's so hard and it is so stressful. I just think it's important to remember that what will be will be and you need to let everything happen as it comes. Stop trying to control the future. 

We had a few devastating losses and it was hard to see out of the tunnel. But I am glad we made it through. 

Our life is far from perfect but we are so grateful and so glad, that my wife and I are doing this together.

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Feature Image: Instagram/@two.brisbane.mummas

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