The etiquette issue that is currently dividing Rebecca Sparrow's friendship group.

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There’s a parenting etiquette causing a divide between Bec Sparrow‘s friendship group right now.

What should your child’s friends call you?

“My children are still in primary school world and what’s really interesting and what has come up as an issue is parents who want the kids to call them by their first name and parents who want to have the children call them Mrs or Ms,” she said in the latest episode of The Well podcast. (Post continues after audio)

Her co-host Robin Bailey was shocked.

“I literally have my jaw down because that is not… I don’t know anyone who wants to be called Mr and Mrs,” she said.

For Bec, the first name thing is tricky.

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"Remember when we were growing up, everyone's parents were Mr and Mrs, unless it was a close friend in which you then called them 'Auntie," she said.

"In fact, still when I see my school friends' parents and they're like 'Call me Jane!' and I'm like 'I can't'. Because that's Mrs Greenwood! Now, what is it with our generation, are we desperate to be cool?"

Talking to one of her friends from her group of mum friends, Bec said some parents think the change is symptomatic of the drop of in respect kids have for adults.

Listen to the full episode of The Well. Post continues after audio.

Robin disagrees, arguing that respect comes from so much more than a name.

"I've got a physical reaction to what you're saying. Do not under any circumstance put a Ms or Mrs in front of my name," she says.

"It reminds me how my whole world is not how I want it to be, it reminds me that my children have a different name to me which I now really regret. Do not."

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