"Reading bedtime stories." 30 parents share the one thing they really hate doing with their kids.

While parenting may be a job most of us wouldn't trade for the world, it doesn't mean it is any less exhausting. 

We all know being a parent is a hard slog.

So, we reached out to our community to ask parents to share the one thing they cannot stand doing with their kids.

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From grocery shopping to swimming lessons, here's what they had to say.

"It’s not an activity or chore, but trying to talk a tween/teen out of any negative thoughts. Sometimes they are unrelenting. It’s so exhausting." - Bianca. 

"Going out for dinner, doing the groceries, or literally any shopping of any sort. It is absolute hell with my three tiny terrors! Though they aren't so tiny anymore. I really thought I would have this nailed by now, but nope!" - Katie.

"Taking my two-year-old son for a haircut. He absolutely screams from the minute we get there. I have to have him sit on my lap and hold his arms down... I’ve decided giving him a terrible home job haircut is better for my sanity." - Kristie. 

"Meal times. Eating is my hobby and I like to enjoy food in peace. Meals with active, fussy, messy toddlers that throw food, climb on you, run around or stand in their high chair are stressful and not fun." - Shahrin. 

"So far, mine has been teaching them to drive! I hate it, I’m so crap at it and I just don’t want to do it. But my eldest did get her licence yesterday!" - Oona. 

"When my kids played high school soccer, I had to drive them to the away games, which were sometimes an hour away. And it was always scheduled extra early so they could warm up and play two halves of soccer. On top of that, I then had to drive home with a car full of stinky, sweaty teenage boys. That's five hours of my Saturday gone! I don't miss that." - Jennifer. 


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"Any sort of indoor play centre designed for children. It’s a horrific assault on the ears and my anxiety levels." - Penelope.

"My daughter loves to do water play, even in her bedroom. She loves the swimming pool and LOVES going to the swimming water park. But when it comes to bathing, water is the devil. I'm actually writing this from my bedroom while they eat dinner so I can muster the energy to do bath time! I love dinner time and I LOVE story time. But the bath bit in between? No, thanks." - Jessica.

"I always hated cutting their nails because they squirmed and squealed so much. I had to keep up my loving, soothing voice to get the job done whilst experiencing massive sensory overload." - Jacqueline. 

"Cooking them dinner every night for them to just complain about it every night." - Keeley. 

"Definitely taking my extremely strong willed two-year-old daughter to my six-year-old son’s after-school activities. I spend the whole time wrangling her and never get to watch my son! How can someone so small and cute be so feral?" - Belinda.

"Helping them choose a prize from Timezone with their winnings. It's invariably the longest and most painful part of the Timezone outing." - Kate.

"Okay, I desperately want to love this but... I hate reading to my kids. It's meant to be all snuggles and funny voices and sleepy little people dropping off to sleep. Instead, its endless questions and siblings fighting for who gets to sit closest to me. They're doing ALL of this while also wiggling and squirming and hitting the book while you’re trying to read in dim lighting (meant to be relaxing aka go the f**k to sleep lighting)." - Chloe. 

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"Dinner. I hate it. So much. No one eats. One screams to get out her highchair, the older one can't sit still. Sometimes they just scream to get a rise out of us I'm sure. Food is thrown everywhere. I used to enjoy dinner." - Anastasia. 

"The post office. I literally did not visit a post office for years when they were all toddlers. Everything is at eye level for them, it’s always crowded with a line, and you can never get a park close by." - Shay.

"Swimming lessons! Possibly because my little guy is particularly terrible at this point (I’m ever hopeful for improvement)." - Elizabeth. 


"School awards nights! FFS. So boring. Especially when the choir or violin students play. I always take a special 'water' bottle and share with my friends." - Jane.

"Watching all the Star Wars spin offs. Kill. Me. Now. Oh, and I'm not a huge fan of Saturday and Sunday sports. You work all week and then you're up early and rushing around and finding a parking spot to be on time when it's supposed to be your 'day off'." - Kelly. 

"Jumping on the trampoline. For so many reasons." - Tracey. 

"Bedtime - the constant procrastination and excuses to get out. My middle child has always been particularly bad and sometimes I just dread that time of night when my husband is away. She’s almost six years old and things are finally starting to show signs of improving after working with a counsellor." - Chantel.

"Trying to leave the house. I detest chasing, wrestling, pinning, wrangling all so we can do something that they want to do, not me! We're not off to drink in a bar with my friends, we're going to the Ginger Factory AGAIN... FOR YOU!" - Anastasia. 

"Sport, especially when you get roped into helping keep score every week while the same parents arrive late and sit and drink coffee." - Cathy.

"Going to the park! Give me the library, the zoo, the beach, anything except the playground!" - Katie.

"Make believe playing. I find it so hard and stupid but important but boring... but important... but also draining." - Madeline. 

"Homework. My son has leaning issues and so do I so I avoid doing it at all costs. I’m lucky my mum (retired teacher) helps with the basics." - Tamara. 

"School friends' parties and having to make small talk with other parents!" - Ez.

"I despise pushing kids on a swing... they love it and I hate it!" - Kiersten.

"Playing monopoly! I love reading stories and playing other board games. But monopoly? NO!" - Marina.

"Going to the park. I was the 'bad' parent who read a book or answered emails and texts. I’m not the one going down the slide or pushing the swing. We are at the park, if you can’t find something to play with here, then we have a problem." - Kelly. 

"Looking after them when they are sick! I just want the opportunity to go to work, earn some money, and maybe one day earn a promotion. Please don’t come for me everyone." - Audrey.

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