The photos that perfectly capture what it's like to be a parent.

Proof that a picture really is worth a thousand words.

Ever found it difficult to explain to someone exactly what it’s like to have a toddler?

Well now there’s an easy way around that, as one photographer in the US has captured exactly what it’s like to go through the emotional ups and downs of parenting a toddler. And can we just say, she is spot on.

Anna Angenend decided to capture all the glorious phases of parenting her 2-year-old daughter Mia, the result of which is a totally and utterly accurate depiction of the everyday life for many, many parents.

All hands on deck. Image: Anna Angenend

The photo series, titled Mom Life, shows how the likes and dislikes of a toddler evolves. Anna told Today Parents that she wanted to reflect the way that becoming a parent puts you in situations you never imagined you'd find yourself in.

“It can often get messy, or we do something she doesn’t want to do and she gets upset. I have these plans, and it doesn’t always go quite like that. As a mum, I’ve really learned to try to have less expectations and then our day goes a lot better,” she said.

“Whenever I have the opportunity to meet up with some of my mum friends, we start talking about what’s going on at home and what’s going on with our kids. It’s such a relief, and I’m always like, ‘Oh, I’m not the only person dealing with that. This is happening to other people. This is normal.’"


"It’s helpful to just trade stories and talk about it, so I think it’s the same type of thing when mums see these photos. It helps you laugh and enjoy it more and just know that things are crazy everywhere."

One trip or die. Image: Anna Angenend

New York photographer Danielle Guenther also takes similar photos for her clients, with the aim of reflecting the "beautiful chaos" that rearing a child brings with it.

Like Anna, Danielle believes that there's "so much comedy in parenting that goes unnoticed from day to day".

"Why not capture a crazy chaotic moment and make it beautiful?" she asks.

"It all comes down to every parent trying their best — and we all make mistakes. Showing an image that's non-conventional makes us all feel sort of normal."

We couldn't agree more.

Flick through to see more of Anna and Danielle's photos that you probably (definitely) can relate to as a parent....

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