"A groundbreaking experiment." Everything we know about new reality show Parental Guidance.

When it comes to modern-day parenting, is anyone really nailing it? 

Well, this is the question Channel Nine want us to answer with their new reality TV series Parental Guidance.

Watch the trailer for Parental Guidance below. Post continues after video.

Video via Channel Nine.

Here's what we know about the new show.

What is Parental Guidance about?

Parental Guidance follows 10 sets of parents with 10 vastly different parenting styles.

Throughout the series, the parents will go up against each other to compete in various 'extreme parenting' challenges.

As per the trailer, the group will watch pre-recorded clips of each set of parents taking turns at completing challenges with their kids.

The cast for the series has been split into two groups, with five sets of parents attempting the challenges, while the other five sets of parents act as a jury.

With vastly different parenting styles and opinions, the series is expected to drum up a lot of debate.

Listen: Holly and Andrew discuss their golden rules of parenting on This Glorious Mess podcast. Post continues below. 

Who are the hosts?

Parental Guidance is hosted by Today show host and mother-of-two Ally Langdon and parenting expert and father-of-six Dr. Justin Coulson.

Throughout the series, Dr. Coulson will share his professional advice with the parents. As the founder of Happy Families and author of six books about raising children, Dr. Coulson has plenty of helpful tips to share.

Hosts Dr. Justin Coulson and Ally Langdon. Image: Channel Nine.


Who are the parents?

During the first few episodes of the series, viewers will be introduced to the first group of parents.

The first five parenting styles introduced to us are:

1. The Nature Parents - Liadhan and Richard.

Liadhan and Richard live in a tent with their five children. The family sleep in the same space, and the children do natural learning, which is also known as 'unschooling'.

Liadhan also delivered all five of their children at home.

Nature Parents Liadhan and Richard. Image: Channel Nine.  


2. The Strict Parents - Andrew and Miriam.

Andrew and Miriam are all about boundaries and rules when it comes to parenting their three kids. 

As Andrew is a Christian pastor, the family has a strong commitment to faith.

Strict Parents Andrew and Miriam. Image: Channel Nine.

3. The French Parents - Yann and Donna.

Yann and Donna are all about bringing their only daughter along for the ride and treating her as more of an adult. Their parenting approach encourages independence and responsibility. 

They describe their parenting style as being not as strict as the classic French parenting style.

French Parents Yann and Donna. Image: Channel Nine.


 4. The Routine Parents - Brett and Tony.

Brett and Tony are dads to two sets of nine-year-old twins born on the same day to different surrogate mums overseas. 

After raising their four babies with military precision, this precise routine has continued as the boys have grown up. 

Routine Parents Brett and Tony. Image: Channel Nine. 

5. Attachment Parents - Lara and Andrew.

Lara and Andrew use the attachment parenting approach. 

They believe in addressing emotions, before addressing behaviours. They also don't believe in smacking or yelling at their children.

Attachment Parents Lara and Andrew. Image: Channel Nine.


The second group of parents, who viewers will be introduced to later in the series, are:

6. Helicopter Parents - Rachael and Sam.

7. Free Range Parents - Penny and Daniel.

8. Homeschool Parent  - Deb.

9. Tiger Parents - Kevin and Debbie.

10. Disciplined Parents - Rob and Sioux.

Image: Channel Nine.

When and where can I watch Parental Guidance?

Parental Guidance begins on Monday, November 1 at 7.30pm on Channel Nine.

Are you going to watch Parental Guidance? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Feature Image: Channel Nine

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