Teachers reveal the worst parents they've had to deal with at parent-teacher night.

There can only one thing more daunting than being the parent who hears their angel-at-home is a terror-at-school: being the teacher who has to tell them.

The teachers of Reddit have shared their most brutal tales of run-ins with nightmare parents on parent-teacher nights.

The confessions came after one Redditor posed the question: “What is the most awful parent you ever had to deal with at a parent-teacher conference?” And wow, did they deliver.

The Disappearing Dad

“My wife is a 2nd and 3rd grade teacher. She had her purse stolen by one of her kid’s parents. She left the conference mid-way through the meeting to grab some printouts, test scores, for the dad. When she returned he was gone. She didn’t realise until about thirty minutes passed that her purse was gone, also.”


 The Daughter of a True Diva

“The worst was a mother who threatened to pull her daughter out of the school system if she wasn’t given the lead soprano role in the high school’s Christmas concert.”

A Cold Confession

“There was a mum who insisted that I was being biased towards her kid. She brought up a recent essay as an example and complained about the grade her kid received on it. I had given the essay a C- and the mum was saying that it was obviously an A essay. I assured her that I was not biased and pointed out numerous issues,” they said.

“The mum then revealed that she had written the essay, not her kid. She said, ‘So it looks like you’ve got some explaining to do!’ and then sat back with a smug grin on her face.”


“I’ve told this story before, but we had a mum who threatened to do to our principal ‘what you see on CSI’. Automatic restraining order.”

When parents attack. (Image: Warner Bros)

Personal Attack Parent

"The one who told me the reason I was a bad teacher was because I wasn't a mum. No fertility issues (but what if!) but had just gone through a terrible break up of a relationship heading toward marriage and family. Not really what a 35 year old woman wants to hear from the mother of an emotionally disturbed child."

Trouble with Twins

"The mother of twins used the entire conference to elaborate on how one was so much smarter than the other and how surprised she was that the 'dumb' twin was doing well in my class. Both boys were present and very uncomfortable. It was excruciating."

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A Peaceful Solution

"Parents of a boy with serious anger problems came in for a conference over the latest incident (he threatened to cut my brake lines). Father gave us a very detailed plan for how he was going to smash the boy's iPad and rip the sheetrock off of the boy's bedroom walls. We somehow convinced him to let the boy move in with his grandfather instead. Never had another problem from the boy."


The Blame Game

"I had a parent come in a week before school ended and tell me their child had the worst year ever and demanded to know what I was going to do to change it."

The Confiscation

"I have had to deal with physically aggressive parents on more than one occasion. The worst was a dad who almost out of control because we had confiscated a knife and called him in about it. I teach at a small high school in a village in England."

We come in peace. Image: Fox.

The Dream Small Parent

"I was teaching calculus for seniors in high school. It was for AP credit, and the kids that were in there were a year or two ahead of the average student," they said.

"A mother came in and told me her daughter was wasting her time in my class, because she wasn't smart enough to go to college, and would end up just running the family book store anyway and not doing anything with her life."

"The girl was smart, self-motivated, and was already doing college level work and getting As. I pulled her aside the next day and told her how to look into scholarships if her parents weren't planning on helping pay for college. I'm proud to say she went."

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